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Most of Ukraine’s population lives in multi-apartment panel buildings made of single-layer concrete slabs. According to experts, thermal strength of walls and ceilings in buildings built during 1970-1990 is 2-4 times lower that required by relevant standards in countries of Western Europe (with similar climate).As a result, consumption of heat energy by housing sector is almost as twice as European figures. Huge heat losses take place also because of poor technical condition of buildings: bad insulation of walls, floors, and roofs results in 50% of heat losses. Relatively good is the situation with energy efficiency in brick buildings where thermal-conductivity coefficient of walls is 0,8-0,9 watt/m2. In modern buildings with insulated facades it is 0,13-0,35 watt/m2. Buildings made of expanded-clay concrete have thermal conductivity of walls of 0,6-0,94 watt/m2. The worst situation is in buildings made of precast concrete where heat losses reach 2 watt/m2. This is no surprise that residents of such buildings freeze in winter and suffer from moisture.

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Residential Energy Efficiency Measures

It is not possible to zero heat losses in the building but improving thermal response of premises and decreasing “leakages” of heat is not only possible but necessary and important.

It can be done through thermal insulation of walls, basement, roof and floor of the building, insulation/replacement of doors, insulation/replacement of entrance doors to the building/apartments, reconstruction of ventilation system, modernization of district heating system, etc. These measures are called thermal modernization of buildings. As a result of thermal modernization, residents not only have more comfortable apartments but receive additional benefits such as cut payments for communal services, increased cost of apartments in the real estate market, improved appearance of the building, and extension of operation life of the building.

Energy audit

Heat meter installation

Thermal insulation of walls

Thermal insulation of roof, ceiling on top of unheated basements and passages of buildings

Reconstruction of engineering systems

Heat insulation/replacement of windows in apartments and staircases

Energy efficient lighting

Solar energy and heat collectors

Heat pumps

Companies working in the area of energy conservation (ESCOs)


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IQ energy - a programme designed by the EBRD and financed by E5P & Sida and supported by the EU.
The purpose of IQ energy is to increase residential energy efficiency in Ukraine

About IQ energy

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